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   Summer 2007 Hummingbird Living School Programs
Exploring the Evolutionary EdgeLiving at the Evolutionary EdgeCore Group Training

June 18 – 22
Hummingbird Community in northern New Mexico

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Are you drawn to
Living at the Evolutionary Edge?

Do you sense a potent movement on the rise and know that you have an important part to play at this auspicious time of our evolutionary journey?

Do you desire to live on the edge with passion, courageously opening to your full potential?

Are you yearning to more fully embody your soul’s purpose and participate with others in birthing a new world?

If so, join Carolyn Anderson and Katharine Roske, co-authors of The Co-Creator’s Handbook, for an inspiring and uplifting experience as we explore what it mean to “live on the evolutionary edge”. Building on the resonant field established through the weekend with Barbara Marx Hubbard, we will nurture and further stabilize ourselves as whole beings in service to our collective awakening.

Our time together will include:

  • Accessing our collective wisdom through deep dialogue and group meditation
  • Meeting our personal thresholds as we are held in love
  • Honoring our inner nature through reflective time in silence
  • Healing through the power of this sacred land we call Hummingbird Ranch
  • Celebrating the Summer Solstice and joining in global prayers for peace
  • Enjoying humor, movement, and play as we evolve together!

If you feel the call, please join us at Hummingbird Community…a living laboratory for the evolution of consciousness.

Cost: $385 program fee
$340 “early bird special” if you pay in full by May 1

Food and lodging costs for this 5 day event range from $165-$280 depending on your accommodations.

Workshop Combination Special
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download registration form

for More Information
please contact us at marie@globalfamily.net
or call 505.387.5100 (Monday – Friday, 10 – 5 MST)

Exploring the Evolutionary EdgeLiving at the Evolutionary Edge
Core Group Training

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